Coaching and climate change


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Alison Whybrow (March 2022) – We were saddened to learn of the recent passing of Alison Whybrow, who was a cherished member of our EMCC UK community, and who contributed in depth to our 2020 webinar series, Coaching in a Changing Climate. Find our tribute to Alison here: Remembering Alison Whybrow. Our Spotlight series on Coaching and Climate Change (in June and December this year) will be dedicated to Alison in recognition of her significant contribution to this critically important issue.

Climate change is increasingly a focus of attention and concern in everyday conversation, in the news and on social media, in business and policy decision-making, and in coaching, mentoring and supervision relationships. That's why we're making these coaching and climate change resources freely available. Their purpose is to enable us to integrate climate change issues into our own practice, and to inform discussion and promote debate among coaches, mentors and supervisors.

Webinar recordings and resources

Follow the links below for the recordings and resources from all the webinars in the series to date:

Webinar 1 with Zoë Cohen: the key messages from climate science, and Zoë’s Climate Conscious Coach model
Webinar 2 with Peter Hawkins: from eco-curious, to eco-informed, eco-aware, eco-engaged, and eco-active
Webinar 3 with Charly Cox and Zoë Cohen: Charly and Zoë share their journeys with the climate crisis
Webinar 4 with Linda Aspey: a framework for exploring the personal and professional challenges raised by climate change
Webinar 5 with Alison Whybrow: how to create a coaching and coaching psychology practice with the Earth in mind
Webinar 6 with discussion panel: with contributions by Zoë Cohen, Alison Whybrow, Sarah Flynn and Linda Aspey
Webinar 7 with Sarah Flynn: how we can use tools and techniques in a climate conscious way to support change
Webinar 8 with AC AOCS, APAC, APECS, IAC: an innovative joint session on how coaching can make a difference
Webinar 9 with discussion panel: with contributions by Zoë Cohen, Alison Whybrow, Sarah Flynn and Linda Aspey

Global statement on climate

Our commitment on climate change: Alongside AC, APAC, APECS and ICF, EMCC has signed a global statement committing us to action on the climate and biodiversity crisis

Blog posts

Developing ecologically conscious coaches: Natalia de Estevan-Ubeda reviews a chapter on how to develop ecologically conscious coaches in a new book by Peter Hawkins and Eve Turner
Coaching in a changing climate: Natalia de Estevan-Ubeda, introduces the resources relating to climate change and coaching


Climate and ecological science: The facts: Articles, reports and videos on the science of climate change
Climate change: What have coaches been doing or starting? Resources on the role of coaching in climate change, for reading, viewing and action
Climate change: What are other professions doing? How other professions are responding to the challenges of climate change

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