Membership fees and categories


Please see below for frequently-asked questions about membership fees and categories.

How much does an individual membership cost?

Individual membership is £110 plus VAT or £100 plus VAT if you’re paying by direct debit. This price is for all individual membership categories.

What is the cost of an organisation membership?

A standard organisation membership is £300 plus VAT, and includes one individual membership. A premium organisation membership costs £1,000 plus VAT, and includes one individual membership plus one free CPD event per year. See here for other organisation membership benefits

Organisation members receive a 25% discount off each individual membership if purchased through the organisation.

What are the different membership categories?

EMCC UK has four individual categories of membership:

• Affiliate
• Associate
• Professional
• Master

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Why did you change the membership categories?

Our membership categories were introduced in June 2017 to align with other professional membership bodies. They use the same familiar language and criteria as other professional memberships, and they have a similar structure. They were developed in liaison with our members and volunteers through a work group. Before we introduced these four groups, we used categories such as Ind and a number (individual 1-10) which didn’t mean anything to our members.

The categories enable our mentor/coaches to select a category which demonstrates their capability or competence, and their journey. Please see our membership guide, which gives a narrative for each membership category.

Membership guide

Which membership category should I select? My qualification isn’t listed in the guide.

The guide is an indication, rather than an exhaustive checklist. Each mentor/coach has their own rich journey, and all the possible variations can’t be captured in one table. The qualifications are listed as a guide – e.g. ILM7 or equivalent.

The guide isn’t intended to be used as a prescriptive checklist. For example, you may have other qualifications or experience and a different blend of coaching practice. When you look at your experience, skills and knowledge in the round, they should point to one of the four categories.

In summary:

• Affiliate – is for those starting out, or for people who have retired and want to stay connected

• Associate – is for qualified and experienced practitioners, possibly mentoring or coaching alongside another role, or with variable practice hours

• Professional – is for people mentoring or coaching on a regular basis, regularly and consistently undergoing CPD, reflective practice and supervision

• Master – is for those who are highly qualified and considered an expert in their field, contributing to the progression of the profession

How do you ‘police’ these membership categories?

We have put guidance in place to support our members to make the right choice in self-selecting their category. If you are in any doubt about the category to match your unique journey, please email us, and one of our executive team will contact you.

Once all of our membership has moved over to the new categories we will carry out some ’random spot-conversations’ to see how our people are finding the new categories and how they have interpreted their experience and matched it to a category.

We trust our professional members to self-select the category which best matches their journey. The random spot-conversations are to ensure that the information we provide is serving our members well and that their interpretation is consistent with ours.

Can I claim tax relief on my annual membership fee?

Your EMCC annual subscription can be included when completing your tax return for tax relief purposes under ‘Section 344 Of The Income Tax (Earnings & Pensions) Act 2003’.

This is available only if you have personally paid for your subscription. It is not available if you expense, or if your company pays for your membership.

EMCC UK comes under List 3 of approved bodies.

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