Mentors for our Mentoring Programme


Are you an EMCC UK member and an experienced mentor? Could you offer time to support other EMCC UK members to develop and progress their practice?

Our Mentoring Programme enables EMCC UK members to get involved in mentoring, either by volunteering their skills and experience as a mentor, or by requesting someone to mentor them.

Launched in 2016, the programme has developed significantly, with members giving and receiving mentorship after creating professional profiles on MentorNet, the online platform. It remains the only mentoring scheme offered by a professional UK coaching and supervision body.

The relaunch of the programme early in 2020 is helping more people experience the power of mentoring for themselves. Natalia de Estevan-Ubeda, Knowledge Exchange Director of EMCC UK, says: ‘Getting involved in the Mentoring Programme, as a mentor or a mentee, is a great way to enhance your membership experience through mutual learning.’

More information

See our Mentoring Programme page, and follow this link to find out more about participating in the EMCC UK Mentoring Programme.

Apply here

If you are an experienced mentor and would like to support other EMCC UK members, please email Paul Crick, our Professional Development Director.

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