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EMCC UK network meeting

EMCC UK runs primarily on a volunteering basis. Our President and Directors are all volunteers, and we encourage our members to volunteer to help with all the projects we are developing.

If you are able to offer a few hours or days in the year, your help will be hugely appreciated. We welcome your skills and commitment to help us to achieve high quality service to our members, partners and the public.

Working as a volunteer is rewarding


Becoming an EMCC UK volunteer opens up significant opportunities. You are able to:

• Play an active role in a well-respected European body
• Get involved in progressing the mentoring, coaching and supervision professions
• Gain personal development experience which can enhance your career development
• Discover networking opportunities and social interaction

Find out more


Do visit our Vacancies and opportunities page, which lists our current volunteer vacancies, as well as opportunities for EMCC UK members to get involved with specific projects.

If you would like to find out more about how you can contribute to the work of EMCC UK, please email us, or call on 0345 6460155.

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