Do you have a passion for coaching, mentoring and supervision?  
Are you keen to help shape the future direction of the profession? 

EMCC UK is a professional membership organisation which encourages excellence and progression for mentors, coaches and supervisors. Our aim is to define, create and promote best practice for all in mentoring, coaching and supervision.  We provide a reference point for key elements like standards and ethics and a continuous conversation about how to keep improving them. It is an exciting time to join the EMCC UK volunteering team.

Current Vacancies:

  • Member Engagement Director
  • Development Director
  • Professional Development Director
  • Knowledge Exchange - Mentoring Programme
  • Knowledge Exchange - Supervision Project Work
  • Knowledge Exchange - Topic Contributor
  • Operations - Network Coordinator

Board of Directors

We are embarking on a new phase of development and looking for three Directors to help us achieve our ambitions. If you are a coach/mentor, with Board experience and a desire to make a difference to a leading professional membership organisation - please read on.

Member Engagement Director 

As Member Engagement Director you will lead our communications and two way engagement with members to allow us to better meet their needs. 
Specifically; leading our communications and marketing strategy, ensuring we produce high quality material and use social media effectively, continuously developing the EMCC UK website as a vehicle for member engagement and experience.

Role Description can be downloaded here.  Application form here. Declaration here. Nomination form here (please ask 2 members to complete this).

Development Director

As Development Director you will lead on strategies for membership growth and develop other income generation in line with our vision, values and priorities. 
You will lead strategic partnerships with other bodies and relevant organisations, taking opportunities to collaborate where this is of benefit to our members. 

Role Description can be downloaded here.  Application form here. Declaration here.   Nomination form here (please ask 2 members to complete this).

Professional Development Director

As Professional Development Director you will lead our work to further develop professional practice in the UK. You will support the many practitioners who wish to evidence their fitness to practise and to establish their credibility and stand out in a busy marketplace. You will work closely with colleagues in EMCC Global to connect in the area of accreditation where EMCC offers an ever increasing range of accreditation. Also liaising with providers of coaching, mentoring and supervision training to encourage coaches and mentors to embark on a proactive professional pathway.

Role Description can be downloaded here.  Application form here. Declaration here.  Nomination form here (please ask 2 members to complete this).

The closing date for the 3 Director vacancies is: Tuesday 31st March 2020 - 12 noon. Please note that you need to hold a current EMCC membership to apply.

For an informal discussion about any of the roles please contact: Rita Symons, EMCC UK President (rita.symons@emccuk,org) or, Peter Duffell, Governance Director (peter.duffell@emccuk,org). 

More about our ambition and our current structure chart is here.


Knowledge Exchange

EMCC UK - Mentoring Programme

Are you an EMCC UK Member and experienced mentor? Could you spare sometime to support other EMCC UK members to develop and progress their practice?   Are you looking for a mentor? If you have answered yes to the above ... please read on... 

Our mentoring programme is the only mentoring scheme offered by a professional UK coaching and supervision body. It enables EMCC UK members to get involved in mentoring, either by volunteering their skills and experience as a mentor, or by requesting someone to mentor them. Launched in 2016, the programme has developed significantly, with members giving and receiving mentorship after creating professional profiles on MentorNet, the online platform.  The relaunch of our programme in February 2020, will help more people experience the power of mentoring for themselves. Natalia de Estevan-Ubeda, Knowledge Exchange Director of EMCC UK, says: ‘Getting involved in the mentoring programme, whether as a mentor or as a mentee, is a great way to enhance your membership experience through mutual learning’.  If you are an experienced mentor and can give sometime to support other EMCC UK members - we would love to hear from you.

Please see the attached about participating in the programme.

Supervision Project Work

We are looking for volunteers to get involved in a programme of work to make Supervision centric to what we do. This is part of the Knowledge Exchange 2020 priorities where we are looking at Supervision as one of the focus areas. Amongst other things, we are devising an online Digital Module Course on The Essentials of Supervision.  The aim of this online course is to set out the basics of supervision to coaches who are not particularly familiar with supervision.  The design of the course will be led by Bob Thomson from Warwick Business School, who is an EMCC accredited supervisor. We are seeking volunteers in three areas:
1)      Coaches who do not have much experience yet of being supervised, who are willing to share their thoughts on what they are looking for from supervision, and who can comment on the course material from their perspective.
2)      Accredited Supervisors who are willing to share their thoughts and experiences, and who can comment on the course material from their perspective. 
3)      Accredited Supervisors who are willing to moderate online discussions and comments from participants during the running of the course.
We hope to create short film clips of volunteers answering questions such as What are you looking for from a supervisor? or How do you structure a supervision conversation?
If you are interested and would like to find out more, please contact Bob Thomson at or Natalia de Estevan-Ubeda at

Topic Contributor

Natalia de Estevan Ubeda has exciting plans for Knowledge Exchange in 2020 - could you contribute to this ambitious programme of work?

There are 5 key priorities for the year ahead: 
1. Mentoring Programme - re-energising the value of mentoring as a benefit for EMCC UK members.
2. Positioning Supervision at the heart of EMCC UK 
3. Research - making research available to EMCC UK members in an accessible and appealing manner. 
4. Engaging with Business Schools - research and development in coaching, mentoring and supervision
5. Creating content differently: focus topics and trend topics

There are additional activities which are linked to the above priorities which are not listed. For instance, the re-energising of the Special Advisors Hub to provide that expert rigour, advice and critique on publications (books, journal articles etc..) and others which will take shape as we develop the priority areas above. So, if you are wondering about something you used to be involved in the past, or have new ideas, please let me know.  Please email me if you want to discuss any of this further: Natalia de Estevan Ubeda -


Network Coordinators

Are you able to regularly and reliably commit time to organise a programme of CPD events and network meetings throughout the year?
Are you passionate about Mentoring and Coaching and confident to promote our EMCC UK brand; our values, ethos and professionalism?

Our networks are vibrant communities where like-minded people meet to network, share and learn together. They are run by a team of enthusiastic volunteers. If you are looking to get involved and would like to support an existing network, or run a new network, please do get in contact. 

The networks aim to:
share current knowledge and ideas to encourage good practice in the field of coaching and mentoring
enable sharing of practical, hands on coaching experiences, application of tools, skills and techniques
provide an opportunity for participants to learn from each other and invited guest speakers. Apply their learning to raise standards and advance coaching and mentoring 
build strong networks and communities of practice across the UK

You will need to be: professional, organised, enthusiastic, a good communicator and networker.

Specific vacancies are:

  • Bristol Network 
  • Oxford
  • North East England
  • London supporter

Our networks are always keen to hear from people who would be willing to present at a network meeting. More information about networks can be found here.

For network vacancies please contact: Sarah Loud, Operations Support: