Setting the standards for mentoring, coaching and supervision

Find out all you need to know about the highest industry standards for practitioners and training programmes in coaching, mentoring and supervision. Each accreditation below links to the EMCC Global website, where you can find full information.

EIA award

European Individual Accreditation – The EIA award demonstrates that an individual mentor or coach has the appropriate level of knowledge and the ability to apply it effectively in their practice.

ESIA award

European Supervision Individual Accreditation – The ESIA award is offered in recognition of the crucial role of supervisors in developing best practice in mentoring and coaching.

ITCA award

Individual Team Coaching Accreditation – The ITCA award is a new accreditation for team coaches.

IPMA award

Individual Programme Manager Accreditation – The IPMA award is a new accreditation for coaches and mentors.

ISMCP award

International Standards for Mentoring and Coaching Programmes – The ISMCP award is for organisations designing, delivering and evaluating mentoring and coaching programmes either in-house or externally.

EQA award

European Quality Award – The EQA award ensures that successful students meet the research-based competence standards presented in the EMCC Competency Framework.

ESQA award

European Supervision Quality Award – The ESQA award is for providers of coaching and mentoring supervision training, recognising their programmes meet professional European standards.

TCQA award

Team Coaching Quality Award – The TCQA award recognises the specific challenges and factors faced by coaches who work across business and other teams. This is a new quality award and a professional designation.

PMQA award

Programme Manager Quality Award – The PMQA award is a new accreditation for coaches and mentors