Professional development


people at a CPD events

people at a CPD event

EMCC exists to promote best practice, and the expectation of best practice, in mentoring, coaching and supervision. Our global council consists of representatives from national EMCCs, plus direct members in countries where a local EMCC does not yet exist.

Our membership is a rich mixture of individual mentors, coaches, mentoring and coaching organisations, training and education providers, buyers of mentoring and coaching, mentor/coach associations, large organisations and corporate members – all of whom share EMCC’s vision to promote best practice in mentoring, coaching and supervision.

As part of our drive for raising and promoting quality standards in mentoring, coaching and supervision, EMCC UK has created a pathway to professional excellence based on the EMCC Quality Standards. These standards consist of our Code of Conduct, Global Code of Ethics, and Competence Framework. See the links below.

CPD resources


The links below point to supporting documents and pages for continuing professional development (CPD):

Qualification or credential
Global Code of Ethics
Code of Conduct: Professional Charter
Diversity Policy
EMCC Competence Framework

Reflective practice
Reflections Series
Reflective Practice Pack

EMCC Network events
EMCC Global CPD Standards

Accreditation page: ESIA and ESQA
Supervision Competence Framework

Accreditation page: EIA, EQA and ISMCP

We require our members to commit to working ethically, maintain fitness to practice, and fulfil the relevant statutory duties.

The journey for a professional practitioner starts with quality training. On completion of training, it is essential for our members to continue to develop their competence through practical experience, reflective practice, further learning (CPD), and supervision. These are the elements required to become accredited by EMCC.

EMCC UK provides professional practitioners with wide range of support to help evidence their fitness to practice, to establish their credibility, and to enable them to stand out in a busy marketplace.