FREE Coaching and Climate: Webinar 3

In this in-depth webinar, Charly Cox and Zoë Cohen discuss their own paths into becoming more climate conscious, and what motivated them to expand their interest and make climate change the main focus of their lives and work.

The webinar, on 4 May at 12.30pm, will see Charly (pictured left) and Zoë share their emotional journeys with the climate crisis, and the ways they have found to apply their own experience, skills and sense of purpose to support and create climate action in others.

They will also share war stories and real coaching experiences, discuss what they do to maintain their resilience and perseverance, and talk about the people, texts and places that have inspired and nourished them.

If you’re keen to do something about climate change, we hope this webinar will help you see yourself and your skills in a different light.

Charly Cox is a PCC and the founder of Climate Change Coaches, who bring the principles of coaching to the problem of climate change, and help coaches turn their skills to this issue.

Charly’s team offer embedded coaching and training in coaching skills to organisations working in the area of climate change, or changing their business to be fit for the future. They are building a global community of coaches who want to do something about climate change using their coaching skills, to whom they offer training, support and a network of peers.

Zoë Cohen is the Director of Shine Coaching and Consultancy. Zoë is a highly experienced executive coach who has worked with senior leaders and their teams across every sector in the economy.

04/05/2020 12:30 - 13:30
GMT Daylight Time

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