Yorkshire Network - Focussed Mindfulness in Coaching

In line with our next hot topic - Well-Being, this network event is an exploration of focussed mindfulness in coaching with Clare Walters


Clare Walters has been a therapist and coach since 1998.  She is also a trained homeopath, journey practitioner and supervisor.  In her work she supports relationship coaching, personal coaching and supervision and has worked with chronic pain, trauma and emotional distress.  She has developed a rapid and powerful technique 'Focussed Mindfulness' to help people get to the root cause of whatever is holding them back.  This can often be very deep and stem from childhood.  Within a single hour she is able to identify a problem, plunge in to find the root cause, do some work around releasing it and them come back to the problem which may be seen from a much freer and more empowered perspective.

Clare trains integrative therapists using the focussed mindfulness approach and in conjunction with a coach has recently developed an integrative coaching course for post graduates which she is aiming to have accredited by a professional body.

In this network workshop, Clare will introduce her Focussed Mindfulness approach, give a demonstration of one of the tools - the Frozen Child - and then open things up for an exploration of whether the group would want to work in this way within their own practice.  What can we learn from this approach?  What is the takeaway?  

A couple of questions for you before the workshop; What is your experience of navigating boundaries in coaching?  When might coaching dip into a more therapeutic approach?  Come with ideas and thoughts!

4/30/2019 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM
Holmfield Arms Holmfield Arms Denby Dale Road WAKEFIELD, WF2 8DY UNITED KINGDOM

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