Free webinar: Coaching and Climate 4

Linda Aspey leads the fourth webinar in our Coaching and Climate series. As the world becomes increasingly aware of climate change, ecological crisis, and mass extinction events, Linda shares a simple framework for exploring the questions and challenges on both personal and professional levels.

In this interactive webinar, Linda will discuss the role that psychological defences play in our lives, and how they can show up when climate change is being discussed. She will invite you to consider what the coach or supervisor’s role is here, and what it might mean to ‘coach with the earth in mind’, without forcing your perspectives onto people.

The webinar is for coaches, mentors and supervisors who:

• want to explore ethics and environmental choices around their own practice 
• work with people who want to explore their own impact on the environment
• coach or mentor people whose lives and businesses have been adversely impacted by climate events 
• work with people and businesses who don’t wish to engage with the subject
• are just curious to find out more

About Linda Aspey

Linda Aspey is an accredited executive coach and psychotherapist / counsellor, supervisor and Time to Think global faculty member, teaching and qualifying coaches and facilitators in the Thinking Environment.

She works with those who lead change of all kinds including culture shift and widespread systemic change, helping people to connect meaningfully, identify resources and sustain their energies when times feel overwhelming, uncertain or bleak as they have, for many, in recent years. Linda is also a speaker and trainer with Extinction Rebellion, the non-violent movement aiming to elicit significant, urgent action by the government and media on climate change.

In July 2019 together with Zoe Cohen and Dr Alison Whybrow, she authored an open letter to coaches, the coaching and coaching psychology professional bodies and coach educators, calling on them to adopt a multi-pronged approach to the climate and ecological crisis.

She believes that the coaching profession can play a vital role in helping people to think about and discuss the challenges and come up with new, adaptive possibilities and responses. Life is likely to remain uncertain in this unpredictable world – we cannot plan but we can certainly be better prepared.

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6/19/2020 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
GMT Standard Time

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