Free webinar: Essentials of Supervision: Part 3

Bob Thomson leads this series of four one-hour webinars, setting out the basics of supervision for coaches who have little or no experience of using supervision as part of their practice. This is webinar 3: The relationship between coach and supervisor.

About the series

The webinar series is facilitated by Professor Bob Thomson of Warwick Business School. Please note that the series is about receiving supervision, rather than being a training programme for supervisors. 

Each webinar contains ideas and models explained via PowerPoint slides, questions and exercises to invite participants to reflect upon ideas and upon their practice, and an interview with a coach who has had little experience of supervision.

To get the most out of this series we encourage you to attend all 4 webinars.

Here are all the webinars in the series:

Webinar 1: What is supervision?
Webinar 2: Reflecting on practice
Webinar 3: The relationship between coach and supervisor
Webinar 4: The practicalities of finding and working with a supervisor

Webinar 3: The relationship between coach and supervisor

This webinar will explore the nature of the relationship between the supervisor and the coach. It will begin by discussing the importance of the relationship in coaching itself, looking at a number of metaphors for this and at the views of Myles Downey and Erik de Haan on the importance of the relationship.

It will consider ideas from Transactional Analysis, discussing the difference between a Parent-Child and an Adult – Adult relationship.  This will be linked to a spectrum from directive behaviours (such as advising and suggesting) to non-directive behaviours (such as listening, questioning and playing back.)  It will go on to consider rapport and trust within a coaching or supervision relationship, and the balance between support and challenge.

Referring back to the seven-eyed model, it will discuss how the supervisor and the coach might use their self within a conversation.  It will also consider Tim Gallwey’s notions of the inner game and the interferences which a coach might experience. There will be a third online interview with a coach who has limited experience of supervision.

About the facilitator

Professor Bob Thomson of Warwick Business School is an EMCC accredited coach and supervisor. He regularly runs webinars for students from across the globe who are studying for a distance learning MBA. He established a Certificate and Diploma in Coaching at the University of Warwick’s Centre for Lifelong Learning. He also acts as an internal mediator, helping members of staff at the university who are in conflict with one another to find a way forward that will resolve their difficulties.

Bob has written a number of books on learning from experience and on coaching.His latest book, How to Coach, was published by Sage in February 2020.

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6/9/2020 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
GMT Daylight Time

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