Cambridge Network Event

Early Summer Meeting with Kate Atkin

Success: what lies behind the mask?

An informative and inspiring talk exploring courage, confidence and the imposter. Do you or your coaches experience a nagging doubt that they/you could be found out about their/your success down to luck or timing?  Have you noticed a need to be perfect and avoid making mistakes because it 'proves' they/you are not up to the job?  Would you like your coachees to feel more confident, and put themselves forward for new projects,opportunities or even promotion?

Through this interactive talk we will explore the reasons behind imposter feelings and how to spot them in others.

Come along and find out more.

Our guest speaker

Kate Atkin is an award winning speaker so she has plenty of ideas on how to boost resilience and get past imposter feelings.

For more information about Kate - see and Twitter
is @kateatkin


5/14/2020 4:30 PM - 7:00 PM
The Faculty of Education University of Cambridge 184 Hills Rd Cambridge, CB2 8PQ UNITED KINGDOM

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