FREE Knowledge Exchange Event - Coaching and Neurodiversity - A Generative Dialogue

There is a lot of interest in neurodiversity and inclusion across work places and education. It feels like much is happening in this space at the moment and there’s an increasing interest in how coaching can contribute to individuals being empowered to be themselves and organisations being more inclusive of diverse thinking.


As coaches who are doing a lot of work in this area, we would like to open up discussion and get a sense of where the coaching profession is in relation to understanding and working with neurodiversity.  We are looking to gather a maximum of 25 coaches together who have personal lived experience and/or professional experience of coaching with neurodiverse clients.  •What are we learning in this coaching space? •What helps or hinders us and our clients? •What does current best practice look like?

We propose to hold a Generative Dialogue

Professional Dialogue deeply addresses concerns of individual and collective 'selves' using established principles and 'dialogic modes' to explore our own thinking and language in groups. 

It is rooted in the quantum scientist David Bohm FRS (Theory of Wholeness and the Implicate Order) and a legacy of evolving work.

Professional Dialogue is a special form of group conversation that facilitates open and honest sharing of thinking, by free exchange, without an agenda. In dialogue, everyone can experience everyone else’s point of view fully and equally. In carefully and safely facilitated open dialogue spaces, we encourage the observation of our own thinking and language. This shifts stuck patterns, releases potential and generates new knowledge, allowing everyone to learn experientially how to create a better environment, whatever and wherever that may be. A range of easily learned skills, led by the Dialogue Practices help to deepen insight and trust for forging new solutions and action, both individually and collectively.

We are hoping that the outcomes of this session will help inform our thinking for 1 or 2 workshop sessions at the EMCC Global Conference in June 2022. 

Jackie Elliott and Jonathan Drury will facilitate the session using Professional Dialogue technique 

Jonathan Drury - Jonathan created the Autism Dialogue Approach® at the University of Sheffield in 2017 as a peer support network and personal enquiry into autism, adapting the professional (Bohm) dialogue methodology.  Diagnosed with Aspergers and ADHD and with a background in fine art, spiritual practice and community enterprise, Jonathan co-founded Dialogic Action CIC t/a Dialogica, to deliver coaching and group dialogues with various clients. Mindfulness and non-duality is intrinsic to Jonathan’s life and dialogue facilitation and coaching approach, which is mostly integrative, relational and transpersonal, thereby contributing both expertise and experience to the fields of (neuro) diversity and inclusion.
BA (Hons) Contemporary Fine Art
PGCert Autism 
PGCert Coaching & Mentoring
Working towards EMCC Senior Practitioner
Published member of the Academy of Professional Dialogue

Jackie Elliott – Jackie is an Executive Coach-Mentor with over 20 years of coaching practice in coaching and dialogue.  In response to the pandemic Jackie co-founded Heuristic Group Coaching, harnessing collective intelligence and diverse thinking of groups, but it is in her role as Non-Executive Director and Meta-Dialogue Supervisor at Dialogica, that Jackie works with groups of people across the UK in Autism Dialogue.  Since 2019 Jackie has co-facilitated autism dialogues for people who identify as autistic and parents and carers of autistic adults and young people.  Jackie is accredited at Senior Practitioner level with the EMCC, a member of the Academy of Professional Dialogue and is a published Team Coaching author.

Gayle Hudson – With a background in the public and voluntary sector, Gayle has always worked in the areas of social justice and equality spanning disability, mental health and education. For the last 2 years, she has been working through the DWP’s Access to Work scheme, providing coaching support to over 40 neurodiverse coaching clients. Gayle is an ILM 7 qualified coach and accredited at Senior Practitioner level with the EMCC. With neurodiversity in her family, she describes herself as a neurodiversity ally. 

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19/11/2021 12:00 - 14:00
GMT Standard Time

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