Copy of Yorkshire Regional Network Meeting - Somatic Coaching

Yorkshire Regional Network Meeting
Developing somatic awareness - adding an extra dimension to your coaching practice

Bringing 'body' into the coaching space

Embodied Coaching is a method that helps us access implicit 'non-conscious' knowledge and explore how it influences behaviour habits and relationships.  Often our focus is on the content of 'what' our coachees are saying and we tend to hold our 'felt sense' of what else is happening just out of awareness.  Developing this somatic awareness adds an extra dimension to our coaching work and creates the conditions for our coachees to try our new behaviours and practices.

The term embodiment in this context refers to patterns of behaviour we develop throughout life to manage the world around us.  These patterns have a physical manifestation expressed in body processes including posture, movement, tone of voice and breath.  For example, as a coach, how we 'show up' is o do with our embodied presence.  Having an understanding of our impact on others means we can then learn how to intentionally flex our presence depending on what the current situation requires.

This workshop will be a brief introduction to how the body can be used in coaching.  The main part will be experiential where you can learn how to access implicit knowledge to increase your own awareness.  The workshop is open to all who are interested in learning more about how to use the body as an additional skill in their coaching practice.

Three questions for consideration:

  • How do we 'read' bodies and notice embodied patterns? 
  • What are you picking up about the coachee's presence as you meet?
  • What are you noticing in your own body as a coaching session develops?

Biography - Jenny Stacey

Jenny is a coach, coach supervisor and educator based in West Yorkshire.  Her first training was as a psychotherapist, so she combines this psychological understanding with her coaching work.  She creates a safe and challenging environment with the coaching relationship at the heart, allowing people to take a deep dive and discover what matters.  Jenny is joint programme leader for the Post Grad Diploma in Advanced Business and Executive Coaching at Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School University College Dublin.  Until 2019 she was a tutor on the Postgraduate Diplomas in Coaching Psychology and Coaching Supervision at Leeds Beckett University. 

Currently as a director of Creative Expansion Jenny facilitates experiential training courses integrating body work and the creative arts for personal and professional development with Tsafi Lederman.  Their recent training programmes include; Holding the Mirror Up; Shame and the Inner Critic; Uncertainty Transition & Change and Stories We Tell Ourselves. Jenny and Tsafi have published Embodied Coaching: pathways to implicit knowledge using the arts and somatic process in Coaching Today (2014)

5/19/2020 10:00 AM - 12:30 PM
GMT Standard Time
Fusion Magna Business Centre Magna Way Templeborough Rotherham, S60 1FE UNITED KINGDOM

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