Webinar: To be resilient or to adapt? That is the question

We are often told how important it is to build up our resilience to events. But do we sometimes choose resilience instead of adapting to the new conditions we face? Would time, energy and money be better spent on enabling people to adapt? Could this provide a better more sustainable response? Ruth Simpson leads this webinar on responding well to disruptive events.

The issue is especially relevant right now, as clients respond to the evolving Covid-19 situation. Would it be better if they focused on being resilient, or should they adapt in response to the challenges they face? Coaches are well placed to help clients develop a response to their situation by enabling them to consider the options, examine the associated implications, and find the resources necessary to achieve the desired outcomes.

Ruth has written a piece on the EMCC blog exploring the issues. Find it here: To be resilient or to adapt? That is the question.

About Ruth Simpson

Ruth Simpson has worked for over 25 years to manage and implement change in organisations, working with leaders as a management consultant, and more recently as a coach. In this webinar, she will explore the choice between resilience and adaptation for coaches and clients. Recognising there is a choice means we can enable clients to respond to the situations they face in a more effective way.

10/9/2020 12:30 PM - 1:30 PM
GMT Standard Time

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