Guildford Network Meeting - Sound and Voice Forensics for Coaches

As a coach you want to be able to hear in a client’s voice what is going on for them. Someone’s voice is intimately connected to their whole person. Each nuance of tone gives clues to particular feelings and states of mind.

Hearing the message

Anxiety, lack of confidence, depression, self-consciousness, equivocation and much more can be heard in the sound, quite apart from what is said. You can pick up clues from voice tone, pitch, speed, hesitations, and much more besides.

Inviting with your voice

Moreover, if you have freedom in your own voice you have the potential to connect better, to influence your client’s state; to invite them subtly to enter a different level of connection, to inspire… it’s a tool that you can employ in numerous different ways, and essential for a coach.

Mixed messages

Without the ability to moderate your voice skilfully, you can easily give a message you don’t mean and be misinterpreted. After all, even such a simple phrase as, “What was that about?” can be interpreted as “I need the facts here”, or “What are your reflections about this?” or “How do you feel about it?” depending on your tone of voice, and can take you on quite different pathways of exploration. The words are less than half the story. 

An interactive session

In this session, we’ll examine some to the mysteries of voice, and explore its potential in coaching, through explanation, discussion and yes – using our voices! I’m confident that after the session, you will appreciate the sheer wonder and usefulness of sound in coaching, both for hearing subtle information that is said or not said, and for connecting beyond the actual words you use.


About the presenter

Judy Apps, PCC with the ICF and Global NLP Trainer with NLP University, has a profound understanding of communication and uses a whole mind-body approach that’s deeply effective in her coaching and training. She is author of five published books on communication and voice, including Voice and Speaking Skills For Dummies (Wiley), the Art of Conversation (Capstone), and the most recent, the Art of Communication was published by Capstone this April.

18:45 for 19:00 start

6/26/2019 6:45 PM - 9:00 PM
Holiday Inn Egerton Road Guildford, GU2 7XZ UNITED KINGDOM

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