Free Knowledge Exchange webinar: Our Research on Mindset change and what this means for Conscious Leadership

Neuroscience is now confirming that the way we actually see the world is not based on what is out there, but how we interpret the world through our inner lens: our worldview or mindset is what drives our behavior and results.

This is critical when truly supporting change in behaviour and conscious leadership development. Coaching with mindset needs to be integrated into any goal we set with our coachees. 

Karim Hirani has been a global leader within one of the largest global coaching providers, BTS Coach, and through research on 100,000s of coaching conversation BTS Coach have created insights on the key mindset shifts that occur over and over again in leadership development. Through their approach, they have developed insights and ways of working with mindset that transform them. These four conversations, each focusing on one of the four most commonly occurring mindsets, have formed the content of a book, rated by Forbes as the #1 Book to help you improve your performance at work

In this session, we will explore:

Mindset change, and the latest findings in neuroscience – why this is important to consider in coaching and conscious leadership development

A light group experience on shifting mindset – and unpack what is at the heart of changing mindset/becoming more conscious

Our research on the four key areas of mindset change and conscious leadership development

What does this mean for my practice as a coach, mentor and/or supervisor – weaving this into my practice

About the Presenter

Karim Hirani is an experienced leadership facilitator and executive coach. He is currently Head of Coaching in Europe at BTS Coach, one of the largest coaching providers globally. He has a Masters in Transpersonal Psychology. He is both ICF trained and has completed an EMCC accredited Supervision training with the Bath Consultancy Group in the UK. He has a passion for consciousness development and lives in the UK with his two lovely daughters and wife.

Author of The Four Greatest Coaching Conversations
Author of nine Mathematics books with Pearson Education.

Other publications include the peer reviewed Integral Business Journal (Vertical Development in Business) and the Philosophy of Coaching Journal (Transcending Ethical Dilemmas in Supervision).

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2/25/2021 9:00 AM - 10:30 AM
GMT Standard Time
Virtual - Webinar

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