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Adapting your coaching style to meet the demands of the clients of the future has never been more important if we are to stay current and relevant in our profession.


The session will look at how trends in the needs of coaching are changing.  How do we re-set our coaching style and thinking to be able to coach across the generations effectively and engage our clients?

Come with a curious mind to explore and engage in a lively discussion on the future of coaching  

About the presenter

Carole Davidson is committed to working with individuals to move them through current uncertainty towards future goals with a mission to place coaching at the heart of leadership across all industries. With over 15 years in the coaching industry, Carole firmly believes coaching is imperative to bring a change in an individual’s thinking, behavior, and attitude. She has partnered with global organisations and individuals at different levels to move them towards greater clarity.

How to Book

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Please join us at 7.00pm and we will finish at 8.30pm.

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2/16/2021 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
GMT Standard Time
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