Coaching and Mental Health, A Brief Look By Andrew Leahy

Andrew is going to lead a session for us exploring the impact of Mental Health on coaches.  1.How coaching helps people stay mentally healthy 2. Where mental ill-health and coaching come into contact.  Reviewing the challenges that might occur when coaching someone and serious mental ill-health is an issue.  Please bring case studies.


Andrew Leahy started out wanting to become  a general practitioner.  Ended up as a child and adolescent psychiatrist. 

He  discovered  coaching having seen his wife become  a coach and having sessions himself periodically to enhance and develop his work.

Andrew was fortunate in being able to start ILM 7 just prior to his retirement, qualifying in January 2015.

He has  always been interested in how people  may create positive change in their lives.  In his late twenties he was influenced by what used to be known as “humanistic psychology” particularly by the work of John Heron, Eric Berne and Carl Rogers and to a lesser degree Gestalt techniques. He attended workshops based in these areas and found that they greatly benefited him as a person and his work.  Much he learnt then he  still uses today.

He has  formal qualifications  in family therapy, behaviour therapy, cognitive behaviour therapy  and dialectical behaviour therapy.  He  also has a practitioner certificate in NLP.

He  coaches / mentors for the NHS in various ways and does some teaching on coaching/mentoring for the Royal College of Psychiatrists in the West Midlands.

He has  done courses with Michael Neill and Jamie Smart as well as more orthodox coaching education via the NHS  Midlands Leadership Academy, “In Touch” and the EMCC.

He  retired from mainstream medical practice in 2014, now does mainly regulatory work and acting as  a trustee for a charity involved in children and young people’s mental health.  He does occasional out of hours work  and locums in the NHS locally.

He is  in the process of staring a coaching business and reigniting a long held passion  i.e. environmental issues.   He has just rediscovered the joys of cycling.



3/22/2021 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM
GMT Standard Time

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