Cambridgeshire Network Event

Summer Meeting- July
Can Team Coaching positively mediate areas of conflict?  
As Executive Coaches and trained workplace Mediators, we are embarking on an exciting, and we believe, innovative research project that will seek to find out what happens in teams to block and aid productivity and performance. Through the project, we are helping teams to look at conflict more positively,identifying the potential barriers that impede performance and exploring how team members can work together to overcome those barriers and enhance outcomes.


We are specifically interested in two areas that we believe impact on successful performance.  The first area focuses upon identifying and analysing how teams perceive conflict.

In the second are, we examine the ways in which a process of mediation focused team coaching can have a positive impact on productivity and performance.  whether conflict can be mediated by team coaching.

At this event, we will

  • share our conceptual frameworks that underpin the research
  • provide an overview of our research process and methodology
  • share initial findings.

We will also provide some space and time to engage in collaborative thinking and sharing of ideas as a way of inspiring people to undertake more research into areas of interest. 

Our guest speakers

Gillian Stevens, PhD, MSc, MCIPD Dorothy Foote, MA(Hons) MA FCIPD AMI
Director, Level Seven Director, Level Seven
Course Director and Tutor Course Tutor
Diploma in Coaching Diploma in Coaching
ICE, University of Cambridge ICE, University of Cambridge
7/8/2020 4:30 PM - 7:00 PM
The Faculty of Education University of Cambridge 184 Hills Rd Cambridge, CB2 8PQ UNITED KINGDOM

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