Guildford Network Meeting - Limiting Assumptions

Assumptions are an essential way of dealing with a complex world. They help us get things done when we don’t know all the facts. They can also be barriers to learning, creativity and risk taking. During this talk we will explore the impact of limiting assumptions and how they work.

We will discuss safe ways to work with assumptions in order to help clients and colleagues to achieve their expressed goals.
Participants will hear how to identify and remove a limiting assumption.
Profound listening will be practised which experienced coaches have found challenging and enjoyable.
The Power of Assumptions 
• How assumptions work
• The need for a positive philosophical choice
Generating an Incisive Question ™
• List goals that may need liberating assumptions
• Identifying and removing limiting assumptions
• Generate ‘incisive Questions’
• Action planning using your ‘Incisive Question’

About the presenter:

Shirley Wardell was trained by Nancy Kline in 1995 and has worked in the Thinking Environment™ since then. Shirley is a coach, and trains facilitation, coaching and leadership. Shirley has a Coaching Supervision Diploma and a MA in Coaching Supervision.

2/18/2019 6:30 PM - 9:00 PM
Holiday Inn Egerton Road Guildford, GU2 7XZ UNITED KINGDOM

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