Can we OR should we mentor or coach grief? - ONLINE - Open To All - Guildford Network Meeting

Presented by Melissa Lowe

During this workshop we will be exploring our role as coaches as to whether we can, or indeed should we, mentor or coach grief.


How we might spot it, and what we might do about it, should it come up during our coaching sessions.

Why attend?

Together we will explore the following:

  • Getting clear on common terminology 
  • Understanding the different sorts of loss
  • ‘Loss’ of normality from death and non-death
  • Grief’s impact on the six aspects of our being
  • The personality of the griever
  • Different styles of grieving: the ways individuals grieve
  • The difference between a coach, mentor and counsellor, and being straight with the difference is important in ‘grief work’
  • Examples on how the above can play out in a workplace
  • How we can mange this during our coaching conversations

About the presenter

Melissa is a grief and loss strategist who partners with executives, HR Managers, and small business owners to better educate and support their workplaces in the areas of grief and bereavement.

Melissa goes beyond a bereavement policy and focuses on mourning as a process of skill acquisition.  Melissa believes how well a bereaved individual does ultimately depends on how well an organisation enhances a compassionate and supportive environment.


Melissa trained as an Organisational Coach and Bereavement and Intervention Counsellor.  She holds Post Graduate qualifications in Applied Business; Organisational Coaching and Intervention from Swinburne University of Technology; Bereavement Counselling and Intervention from The Australian Centre for Grief and Bereavement.

Melissa writes at this side of grief and is working on bereaved not broken.


The event is ONLINE and a ZOOM link will be sent one week before and one day before the event (please note we will not be recording this event to allow for more open discussions).

3/10/2021 10:30 AM - 12:00 PM
GMT Standard Time
Zoom - Link To Follow

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