The present and future ecology of internal coaching

This event is open to internal coaches only

In a fast-changing world, our international platform for internal coaching is changing too this year - to a one-day virtual conference focussing on the ecology of coaching.

Keynote speakers will bring stories to excite you about what is happening to shape new thinking in organisational development and the role internal coaching will play in helping change to happen.

New research, new science and new technologies are escalating change in our working environment. The pace of change, accelerated by the extraordinary impact of Covid-19, is fuelling the need to act faster, more efficiently and more cost effectively while at the same time embracing sustainable ways of living and working.

Helping our colleagues and ourselves cope with this transformation is a vital ingredient of the coaching we practice in our organisations.

The Programme for the day includes master classes, workshops and conversations which will energise your internal coaching practice.

This International Internal Coaching Conference is organised by volunteers from five professional coaching bodies including EMCC UK, EMCC FRANCE, EMCC BELGIUM, Belgian Network of Internal Coaches & InCoach.

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Opportunities to get involved

Although this conference is only open to internal coaches we are in need of help on the on the day by any coach who is willing to share support duties in a world café arrangement or a workshop. This will include acting as speaker host, sorting out breakout rooms on Zoom and managing the Chat facility. We plan to have two support facilitators at each workshop and in each world café sub-group so we need at least 20 English speakers and if you are fluent in French that is a bonus although not essential. If you are interested in finding out more about these opportunities please contact

10/8/2020 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Romance Standard Time

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