Special Interest Groups

There is a wide range of EMCC UK special interest groups, some representing the issues and aspirations of our corporate members, others the interests of particular areas of activity or methodology.

Third Sector Coaching and Mentoring Forum 

Contact Katharine St John-Brooks: working.solutions@btinternet.com This forum connects senior people in the Third Sector who have responsibility for developing coaching and mentoring in their workplaces. The Forum meets on a  regular basis, please refer to our Event Calendar for details.

Public Sector Forum

Contact Dee Donnelly: Dee.Donnelly@rbkc.gov.uk
The Forum connects a wide variety of senior people in the public sector who have responsibility for developing coaching and mentoring in their workplaces. 

Professional Services Network

Contact Mike Taylor: mike.taylor@emccuk.org
This brings together those involved in leading coaching and mentoring in particular large organisations in London, particularly those working in Professional and Legal Services and Banks.