EMCC UK Networks

We have EMCC Networks across the UK. Members and non-members are welcome.

It is free to join our Networks. There is a small charge to cover basic costs (£10.00 incl. vat for members and £15.00 incl. vat for non-members). Networks are communities of practice, they are self-governing and self-sustaining, although part of the EMCC UK family. If you are a member of one Network, you are able to drop in to any other Network meeting if you happen to be in the region, so keep an eye on our Event Calendar for activities (also see below).

If you live in any of these areas and would like to help co-ordinate your local Network, or would like to help start a new Network, please contact us: info@emccuk.org         
To find out more about a network near to you, please click on the links below or visit our Network page. 

Network Events

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When: September 11, 2018
Where: Wolverhampton
When: September 12, 2018
Where: London
When: September 17, 2018
Where: Wakefield
When: September 20, 2018
When: October 10, 2018
Where: Cambridge
A practical learning event hosted by Richard Davies MD of GPS Goaltrak, in which we will explore digital solutions for supporting our coaching practice.

When: October 18, 2018
Where: Leeds
When: October 31, 2018
Where: Manchester
When: November 15, 2018
Where: London