Neurodiversity special interest group


The Neurodiversity special interest group supports neurodivergent people (whether diagnosed or self-identified) and influences positive change around neurodiversity in the coaching, mentoring and supervision professions.

Who is the group for?

Coaches, mentors, and supervisors who have neurodivergent clients, or who are neurodivergent, and anyone with an interest in or connection with neurodiversity.

Why join the group?

We believe that when we work with neurodivergent clients without understanding how their neurodivergence affects them, or how to collaborate differently with neurodivergent brains, our interventions can be less effective, and in the worst cases, even damaging.

Our hope for this group is that it provides a safe place for coaches, mentors, and supervisors who have neurodivergent clients, or who are neurodivergent. It is for anyone who has an interest in or connection with neurodiversity to share knowledge and educate, to ask questions, to build a community, and to raise the standards of the profession.

We also seek to improve the accessibility of EMCC to neurodivergent members.

Information and meetings

The group meets online every quarter, with meetings that include informal peer networking and coaching, CPD, and guest speakers.

For further information about this group or to register your interest in speaking at a future event, please contact:

Philippa Eddie, Helena Territt, or Rachel Westerbeek
[email protected]

If you have helpful resources on neurodiversity in coaching, mentoring, or supervision to share please send them to the email address above and we will add them to our page.

To view upcoming meetings for this Special Interest Group, please visit our events page.

The lead coordinators

Philippa Eddie

Philippa Eddie – Philippa works for the Cabinet Office with a focus on the government’s decarbonisation agenda, and is an internal mentor and coach for the Civil Service. She has a special interest in coaching and mentoring people who are neurodivergent, which was born out of a family member’s diagnosis of ADHD and autism. Philippa is a non-executive director on the board of EMCC UK.

Helena Territt

Helena Territt – Helena has an MSc in executive coaching from Ashridge Hult Business School, and is certified by the ADD Coach Academy. Helena was diagnosed with ADHD in her 40s and has several family members who are ADHD and autistic. She runs Hatched Coaching and Hatched ADHD, where she specialises in working with people who are bright and think outside the box.

Rachel Westerbeek

Rachel Westerbeek – Following a 20-year career in higher education, Rachel now works as an independent leadership coach, facilitator, and trainer. Her focus is on providing safe and effective coaching for neurodivergent thinkers, where challenge, support, and thinking space are balanced to support authenticity and development. She has lived experience of autism, ADHD, dyspraxia and epilepsy.

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