Diversity & Inclusion special interest group


The Diversity & Inclusion special interest group is for promoting awareness, developing resources, and increasing visibility and access to the coaching industry for a diverse audience.

Who is the group for?

The group is for anyone interested in promoting, learning about and championing diversity and inclusion in the coaching industry, and becoming more inclusive as a coach, mentor or supervisor.

Why join the group?

The group promotes:

  • awareness of inclusive coaching, mentoring and supervisory practice
  • inclusive resources for coaches, mentors and supervisors to support diverse clients
  • visibility and access to the coaching industry for a diverse audience

Information and meetings

We meet quarterly for a mix of online and face to face meetings, for informal peer networking or coaching, CPD, guest speakers and panel discussions.

For more information, please contact:

Yetty Williams and Jennifer Spalding
[email protected]

The lead coordinators

Yetty Williams

Yetty Williams – Yetty is a digital coach who helps clients achieve work-life balance and learn to harness technology’s benefits in work, family and life.

Jennifer Spalding

Jennifer Spalding – Jen is an executive and team coach who helps leaders and leadership teams gain insight into complex organisational life, so they can consciously enhance their organisation culture and better serve the colleagues, clients and societies they serve.

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