Professional membership is for Senior Practitioners. 

  • As a Professional member you will have a coaching and mentoring qualification at Senior Practitioner or higher level, and/or be accredited at Senior Practitioner level.

You could be:

  • an individual coach, mentor or interested person (with a qualification at Senior Practitioner level or accredited at EMCC Senior Practitioner level or equivalent)
  • an individual employee of an organisation member; corporate, academic or partner (with a qualification at Senior Practitioner level or accredited at EMCC Senior Practitioner level or equivalent)
  • an individual coach, mentor or interested person employed by an EQA Provider (with a qualification at Senior Practitioner level or accredited at EMCC Senior Practitioner level or equivalent)

Benefits are:

  • Comprehensive and well-received Global Code of Ethics which enhances your credibility and guides your practice 
  • Competence Framework - a ‘gold standard’ of coaching and mentoring competencies against which to benchmark your own quality standards 
  • Use of the EMCC ‘badge’ which enhances your marketing and business image
  • Access to peer mentoring from our other Master Practitioners
  • Opportunities to be invited to represent EMCC at events and conferences as a speaker; to publish papers as part of our resources to members on our website; to host forums / blogs/ webinars; or to mentor others to help them develop along the professional pathway
  • Free support and advice on coaching and mentoring issues via our online members forum, EMCC UK LinkedIn Group 
  • Range of professional events around the UK, run by experienced practising coaches and mentors, to raise awareness of the professional pathway framework against which you can benchmark your own quality standard - some are free to members 
  • Annual conferences in UK and Europe with high profile speakers, cutting edge debates and great networking opportunities including access to some of the most powerful people in the profession 
  • Connection to the widest range of coaches, mentors and coaching and mentoring organisations of any professional body in Europe 
  • Big discounts at EMCC events, including special ‘early bird’ discounts 
  • Opportunity to lead/co-ordinate one of the growing number of EMCC Networks around the UK
  • Regular newsletters focusing on coaching and mentoring activity in the UK and around Europe 
  • Free access to our acclaimed online research journal,  the International Journal of Mentoring & Coaching and five years of back issues, which uniquely offers up to date research in both academic and practitioner applications,  an invaluable aid to professional skills development 
  • The opportunity to give something back to the  profession and to influence its direction as an EMCC UK Volunteer, working alongside some of the best known names in the field.
  • Opportunity to take part in EMCC Europe activities as an EMCC Volunteer 
  • 20% off the subscription price of Coaching at Work, the leading specialist news publication in the field 
  • Use of the EMCC Diversity Policy to demonstrate your commitment to inclusivity, as part of your professional and business practice


Professional Membership Price:

£110.00 plus VAT.
If you are paying by direct debit, please use the DD button to receive a £10 discount.
The direct debit option is for an annual amount and cannot be used with any other promotional offers. 

By subscribing as a member of EMCC UK you agree to our Terms and Conditions.

Please note that non-UK residents will need to join the EMCC organisation within their own country. 

Details of organisations outside of the UK can be found on the EMCC Global website here.