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Welcome to the Spotlight series. Month by month, we shine a light on subjects which are especially relevant to coaching, mentoring and supervision. Each month’s spotlight includes webinars, podcasts blogs, books, and other resources designed to engage members and provide useful opportunities for thought and conversation. You will need to sign in to view the resources below. We would love to hear from members who are excited about one or more of these subjects and have an idea or a resource worth sharing. If you would like to do that, find out more here, and email Marian Rosefield on [email protected] to say how you would like to contribute.

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Coaching for neurodiversity

The resources in our Spotlight for May include a podcast with David Giwerc on the foundational pillars of ADHD coaching and how it enhances social intelligence and executive functioning, plus a webinar on embracing neurodiversity in your coaching practice.

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Coaching psychology

Our Spotlight for March focuses on coaching psychology. The resources include a podcast with Almuth McDowall, who discusses her recently published book, Neurodiversity Coaching, plus a webinar covering coaching psychology research.

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Coaching mindfully

Our Spotlight for January focuses on coaching mindfully. The resources include a podcast with Eike Tischer about her research into mindfulness and coaching, a breathing exercise, a reading list, and an article on self-awareness and coach development.

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Coaching for health and wellbeing

Our Spotlight for April focuses on coaching for health and wellbeing. The resources include a podcast by the cooordinators of the Health & Wellbeing special interest group, and a webinar on the role of coaching in psychotherapy, education and healthcare.

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Coaching teams

Our Spotlight for February focuses on coaching mindfully. The resources include a podcast with Paul West, who discusses group dynamic theory, a webinar on endings in client relationships, plus a two-part blog series on readiness for the coaching journey.

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Coaching and climate change

Our Spotlight for December focuses on coaching and climate change. The resources include a podcast with Rita Symons, lead for the EMCC Global Climate and Sustainability Centre for Excellence, our book of the month, plus other resource documents and videos.


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