Global Code of Ethics


The EMCC Global Code of Ethics is the professional code of conduct by which our members adhere. It is a means by which we look to regulate the professional practice of all members, and it is the code of their professional responsibility.

Many coaches, mentors and supervisors say they chose EMCC as their professional body because of this ethical code.

The code itself discusses the difficult issues, and difficult decisions, that often need to be made in coaching practice. It provides a clear account of what behaviour is considered ethical, correct or right in the circumstances.

Where a breach of the code occurs, it allows involved parties an opportunity for complaint and resolution. It places certain responsibilities on an EMCC member when a complaint has been made against them, or when a member becomes aware that a fellow colleague and member has behaved in an unethical manner.

Please take a minute to download the EMCC Global Code of Ethics and the other documents below.