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Knowledge Exchange (KE) is about facilitating the exchange of and access to knowledge. This enables sharing and discussion on coaching and mentoring research, hot topics and leading-edge learning. KE is an exciting volunteer-run part of the EMCC UK. Visit our resources in our member section for thought-provoking perspectives and articles from our members and wider stakeholders. Look out for our latest news on our news page. Exchange your knowledge with us and share your expertise or research, and participate in our blogs and twitters. Exchanges from fellow EMCC UK members are most welcome - please get in touch with us -

Special Advisors Hub

The purpose of our Special Advisors Hub is to

  • Review selected research articles, including emerging thought leadership themes
  • Discuss what that research means
  • Make recommendations for practitioners (coaches, mentors and coaching-mentoring supervisors)

If you are interested in joining the team do contact: Natalia de Estevan Ubeda - KE Director (


The Special Advisors Hub has looked at different methods of evaluation being used within the coaching and mentoring community. The result of this project shares best practice for evaluation with the EMCC UK membership.  This includes signposting guidelines, templates and other written guidance as an online resource. A downloadable presentation which includes the links to relevant information is available from our Members Resource section of our website.