2020 Member-Get-Member Scheme 

What is it?

The EMCC UK '2020' Promotion... “Give 20, Get 20” is a way that you as a member can introduce new people to join EMCC UK and both people benefit!

GIVE any friend a £20 DISCOUNT off a new EMCC UK membership.

Once they become a paid member, you GET a £20 CREDIT against your own membership renewal.

If you get 5 new members to join in one year, then your next membership renewal is completely FREE.


This offer is restricted to fully paid up members who introduce completely new members to EMCC UK.

A 'new member' is defined as anyone who has never previously been an EMCC UK member.


The promotion begins on 1st October 2018 until and will run until 30th September 2019, however, we reserve the right to withdraw it at any time.


1. Invite prospective members to apply for membership by visiting the 'join' page of our website.
2. Give them the code 2020MR to enter in the promotion (‘promo’) code box in the shop section of the website when they go to their 'basket'.
3. Also give them your membership number (just the numbers) to enter in the mandatory box which follows the promo code box - so we can ensure you receive your £20.00 credit.

The prospective member will receive £20.00 discount off their membership application, and when it has been paid and processed, we will write to you and you will receive a £20.00 credit to apply to your membership renewal.

Each time you refer someone in this way you will receive additional £20.00 credits up to the maximum of 5 in any promotion year....when your next membership renewal becomes FREE!

Remember EMCC UK membership benefits are:
• Resources: free access to our acclaimed online research journal and membership resources, invaluable to aid professional development
• Quality & Standards: comprehensive and well-received Global Code of Ethics which enhances your credibility and guides your practice
• Membership rates: to a range of professional CPD events and conferences
• Networks: connection to the widest range of coaches, mentors and coaching and mentoring organisations of any professional body in Europe through our networks and linked in groups
• Volunteering: the opportunity to give something back to the profession and to influence its direction as an EMCC UK Volunteer, working alongside some of the best- known names in the field
• Discounts: 20% off the subscription price of Coaching at Work, the leading specialist news publication in the field, as well as 25% discount off numerous publications Huge savings on Professional Indemnity & Public Liability insurance from our partner insurers for independent coaches, mentors and small coaching and mentoring businesses
• Affiliation: use of the EMCC ‘badge’ which enhances your marketing and business image which states that you are an EMCC UK member and subscribe to a professional membership organisation

You can download a summary of our membership benefits to hand to your referred person here.


Please note that this discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other offers.