Meet the Governors: Tim Dench

Meet the Governors: Tim Dench

EMCC UK Governor Tim Dench

15 December 2023

Tim Dench, a member of our Governing Body, talks about his involvement with EMCC UK, and why he became a Governor.

Tell us a little about yourself.

After 30 years or so in IT, I discovered coaching twelve years ago and created a coaching and mentoring capability in an international bank. It may sound corny, but the changes I have seen in people through coaching have meant more to me than the many IT systems I delivered.

Outside of work, I am very active in my church, support aid work in Africa, and play a variety of sports. I am also a qualified pilot. Recently I became a trustee of an old people’s home, which is very satisfying. Of course my family is very important to me – I live in Surrey and have two adult children.

Why is EMCC UK membership important to you?

I run a very active coaching and mentoring department, and for me, membership means two things. Firstly, I use EMCC as a yardstick for our direction of travel. It makes me ask: do I think we are doing the right things, and are our standards in service to our clients?

Secondly, being able to say to our clients that we are members of EMCC adds credibility to what we do, especially for people who are new to coaching and to the unions.

Why did you become a Governor?

As an internal employee – as opposed to running my own business – I want to offer a voice for people who are part of the internal coaching setup. When I was new to coaching, some members of EMCC were very generous with their time, and I wanted to give a little of what I had received back.

What particularly interests you in EMCC UK?

Team coaching, which is still relatively new, grabs my attention, and recently the supervision of team coaches has piqued my interest.

I have been a member of the Professional Services Network for many years, and have found it to be very beneficial. If you are part of a large organisation, I urge you to get your company to become an EMCC UK premium organisation member, and join the network.

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