Gratitude and appreciation for Hannah Butler and Hande Yaşargil

Gratitude and appreciation for Hannah Butler and Hande Yaşargil

Hannah Butler and Hande Yasargil

23 April 2024

Ivan Beaumont, EMCC UK President, pays tribute to Hannah Butler and Hande Yaşargil, who step down this month from the Board of EMCC UK after several years of service, dedication and leadership.

This month we say thank you to two of our wonderful directors, whose contributions have left a real mark on our organisation’s journey.

As Hannah Butler steps down from her role as Director for Coaching Practice, and Hande Yaşargil steps down from her role as Director for Diversity and Inclusion, we take this opportunity to express our gratitude and appreciation for their outstanding service, dedication and leadership.

Hannah Butler

Hannah joined us in 2020 as Director of Knowledge Exchange, and her term as Director for Coaching Practice was her second EMCC UK Board role, starting in 2022.

Hannah has brought a wealth of creativity and energy to the table, always acting in service to our membership. She has been a key player in initiating and delivering many projects which continue to enrich the experience of our members and volunteer community, including our Spotlight series resources, the EMCC UK Podcast, Conversations with Authors, and of course, our recent Festival.

Beyond her professional acumen, Hannah has been a source of inspiration and mentorship to all who have had the privilege of working alongside her, including the many volunteers she has nurtured. In particular, Hannah has always been a real advocate of the EMCC UK Operations Team, and her kindness, generosity and compassionate working attitude will leave behind a wonderful legacy.

Hande Yaşargil

As the first EMCC UK Director for Diversity and Inclusion, Hande joined us in this new board role in 2022.

Hande has brought expertise and passion to her term at EMCC UK, offering invaluable insights and strategic guidance that have helped shape the development of our diversity and inclusion offering. She has worked hard to increase the visibility and awareness of this topic in the profession through the D&I Conversations with Authors series. Hande has also championed D&I with the Board through initiatives such as the Listening Circles, and nurtured a group of committed volunteers in support of our soon-to-launch D&I special interest group.

Her compassionate leadership has paved the way for innovation and progress in this area, propelling us towards a bright future. We know Hande’s impact on this directorate will serve as a strong foundation to build on as we strive to make progress in our mission to make EMCC UK a more inclusive and diverse space.

On behalf of the entire EMCC UK community, we extend our thanks and heartfelt appreciation to both Hannah and Hande. We are profoundly grateful for their service, dedication and leadership, and we wish them all the best in their future endeavours.

Ivan Beaumont
EMCC UK President