New information guide for coaching, mentoring and mental health

New information guide for coaching, mentoring and mental health

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We recently launched a series of resources for EMCC UK members on the topic of mental health and wellbeing. These resources were originally intended to be launched over the summer, but we brought them forward by a couple of months because of the Covid-19 lockdown.

We’re now adding a new information guide in this area, entitled Coaching, mentoring and mental health. The guidance is intended to support EMCC UK members to consider some of the risks and good practice in the area of mental health and wellbeing; point to definitive sources of information; and help members consider how they can best respond to possible risks to their business.

View and download the information guide here:

Coaching, mentoring and mental health

We’re very grateful to Dr Fiona Day for writing this guide for us. Fiona is an experienced executive coach, and a former senior public health doctor, as well as being an EMCC UK member and volunteer. She recently wrote an information guide for us on Coronavirus, available here:

Information for coaches, mentors and supervisors about Coronavirus

Natalia de Estevan-Ubeda, the Knowledge Exchange Director of EMCC UK, says: ‘I’m very pleased to welcome this timely resource by Fiona Day to help us navigate the complexities of coaching and mental health. She has put together a comprehensive set of guidance, which includes ethical considerations and authoritative knowledge on mental health, to help us improve our professional practice, as well as our own wellbeing and mental health.’

Find all our mental health and wellbeing resources here:

Mental health and wellbeing

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