‘I have built professional friendships and learned a huge amount’

‘I have built professional friendships and learned a huge amount’

Alison Hodge

Alison Hodge reflects on 15 years as an active volunteer, governor and director in EMCC UK.

After 15 years of active volunteering in EMCC UK, the latter three as Chair of Governor Members, and Non-Executive Director to the UK Board, it’s time for me to step down, at least from an active volunteer role within the organisation. I’m pleased to say that I’m leaving the EMCC UK Governor role in the capable hands of Claire Davey.

As I reflect on my relationship with EMCC, it all started when I first joined in about 2004, and when I was not too clear about the relevance of belonging to a professional body.  Once I realised that just to have a membership badge didn’t do it for me, I started to volunteer. I spent time on an ethics committee, because I wasn’t very clear on the significance of our Code of Conduct for me. I ran ethical awareness workshops all over the UK to share my learning of the relevance and value of a solid ethical code to underpin my practice.

I then joined the Conference Committee, because I had some experience of organising events in my previous, pre-coaching and pre-supervision life. More recently, I was involved in developing the ESIA supervision accreditation framework. I’ve also participated in all but a couple of the annual EMCC conferences.

I became a Governor Member and subsequently Chair and Non-Executive Director in about 2016, since when I have worked closely with three Presidents during a period in which the field of coaching, mentoring and supervision have been evolving through constant and often unpredictable change.

So what is this all about? On reflection, I couldn’t see any point in belonging to a body and not participate – I didn’t enjoy waiting to see what EMCC could do for me. I wanted to belong to something that echoed my values, which I have found consistently in EMCC UK through the past 15 years, as I have engaged actively with colleagues in the various volunteering activities.

I have built professional friendships that have grown and lasted for years; I have learned a huge amount from the various committees and working parties I have participated in. As I reflect, the benefits of my learning and the relationships are worth far more than any annual membership fee.

As I move a little to one side to make room for others to come and contribute and thus learn, I hope I have contributed in some small part to the development and success that is EMCC UK today. I couldn’t have done this without my fellow practitioners, colleagues and friends, and for this I am hugely appreciative and look forward to being in contact in new relationships.