Reflecting on coaching and climate: Sharing the resources

Reflecting on coaching and climate: Sharing the resources

28 January 2021

During 2020, Zoë Cohen, Linda Aspey, Alison Whybrow, Charly Cox and Sarah Flynn led us in doing some fresh thinking about coaching and climate change. In January 2021, this new webinar asked: what have we achieved in the past year? How has our practice developed? What have we done or what might we start doing to build our future practice?

The webinar was hosted by Hannah Butler, the EMCC UK Knowledge Exchange Director, and the panel included four of last year’s webinar leaders and explored these and many other questions.

We’re sharing the resources of the webinar here. Please see the video above for the full webinar recording. And follow the link below to download the webinar chat:

Reflecting on coaching and climate – chat log

Coaching and Climate series

Follow the links below to find resources from all the webinars in the series:

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Webinar 2 with Peter Hawkins
Webinar 3 with Charly Cox and Zoë Cohen
Webinar 4 with Linda Aspey
Webinar 5 with Alison Whybrow
Webinar 6 with discussion panel
Webinar 7 with Sarah Flynn
Webinar 8 with EMCC, AC, AOCS, APAC, APECS, IAC
Webinar 9 with discussion panel

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