Sheila Udall, thank you!

Sheila Udall, thank you!

Sheila Udall

27 September 2022

Rachael Hanley-Browne, President of EMCC UK, writes to say thank you to Sheila Udall, governor, North West Network co-ordinator, mentor, volunteer – and EMCC UK stalwart!

There are times when a simple thank you is not enough, and this is just such an occasion. Sheila Udall is stepping down from her role of EMCC UK governor this autumn after completing her elected term of three years.

Here is an example of someone who deserves more than a thank-you from all of us. Sheila has volunteered and been a member of EMCC UK for over 12 years, taking on a variety of roles and responsibilities, all with the purpose of serving our membership and building our community of coaches, mentors and supervisors.

When I took over as president in 2021, Sheila offered me advice and was a source of support as I settled in and found my way. Her steadfast loyalty to EMCC UK, our core values and purpose, has always been clear to me, and her assiduous attention to my president’s report during our governor meetings meant she never let me off the hook!

Even now, as she steps down from being a governor, she took the time to write and share her reflections with me on the last 12 years, with her thoughts around the future of our organisation. This generous and supportive gesture is everything I have come to expect and value about her.

With Sheila, generosity is the word that naturally comes to mind, because she has been incredibly generous with her commitment, her support, and her time – our most precious asset.

Shelia, on behalf of the board, governors, and members, we are indebted to you as our longest serving volunteer. Thank you in the most heartfelt terms.