The Skilled Coachee

The Skilled Coachee
Guildford Network Meeting, September
I thought this must involve a typo when I first saw the proposed subject matter for this EMCC National Roadshow event. Dr Paul Stokes, our presenter, soon explained that this was not the case and the attendees found themselves thinking about the coaching interaction in a new way, with Paul presenting his research findings in a nicely interactive manner.
In fact the contribution made by coachees (or indeed mentees) in the coaching / mentoring process was brought to front of mind in respect of a number of us (me for one) for the first time.
I think we all feel intuitively that coaching is a skilled collaborative partnership - but it was fascinating to dig below the surface of this statement and look at how this can come about, and what the component parts look like.
My personal takeaway? Coachees come with a variety of skill levels. Some are very skilled indeed, but not necessarily in a way that is helpful to the coach!   

Bill Crombie Guildford Network Coordinator
EMCC members can access Dr Paul Stokes presentation through the membership resources section under Knowledge Exchange