Sharing resources during lockdown

Sharing resources during lockdown

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Tim Bright, a partner in OneWorld Consulting, shares some of the resources he’s found useful in the pandemic.

In these challenging times I want to share a few resources that might be useful.

I’ve written a LinkedIn article, ‘Connecting, Disconnecting and Focus – what are we learning about working from home?’, on what we and our clients are learning about working from home, looking at the value of connecting, disconnecting and focus. The article includes links to some other good resources, and I hope you’ll find it valuable.

Many leaders have very tough jobs at the moment. I was impressed by the speech given by Marriott’s CEO, and the analysis of it by Carmine Gallo. If you haven’t seen it, it’s well worth six minutes of your time to see a good example of communication and leadership in a crisis.

We are all having to develop our capability to deal with uncertainty. In an article in Harvard Business Review, ‘You’re Not Powerless in the Face of Uncertainty’, Nathan Furr talks about reframing how we think about what is happening, which is a useful technique any of us can use. The frames of learning, gratitude and randomness can be particularly helpful right now.

And finally, a comment and cartoon from Tom Fishburne, TED speaker and business cartoonist. He says:

‘We can “develop a capability to deal with uncertainty – to find the possibilities and opportunities within the unknown, rather than to panic and retreat from risk.” I like thinking about this as a “capability,” something that individuals and organizations can exercise to get better at over time. For all the talk about organizations learning to “be agile” over the last few years, this uncertain period is the acid test. It also highlights a related skill that organizations will need to adopt – resilience.’

Tim Bright is an executive search consultant, leadership consultant, and coach. He is a partner in OneWorld Consulting

Photo: Fabian Møller/Unsplash