Norfolk Network - Linbert Spencer OBE

Norfolk Network - Linbert Spencer OBE
Unleashing the Power of Inclusion
Norfolk Network, September 2017

A highly interactive workshop, described as 
“inspirational”, “powerful”, “valuable” and “engaging”.

Linbert Spencer, OBE,* took us on a journey that started by considering the meaning of Equal Opportunity, discussing aspects of Diversity and our experiences of being treated differently.  

Linbert introduced us to ‘The Performance Formula’.  This recognises that our ability to access and fully utilise our knowledge, skills and judgement is governed by attitude and the quality of treatment by managers.  Using a series of activities, he then demonstrated how inclusion is key to successful individual, team and organisational performance and profit.  

‘Inclusion’ is not just another word to add to the equality and diversity agenda.  It requires managers and leaders to be conscious of treating people in a way that ensures they feel valued and included.  

As coaches, we can help our clients understand this and recognise what they can do to ensure that they are managing in an inclusive way.  The workshop gave us some useful models and tools to incorporate in our coaching practice.

Carol Wilkinson
EMCC UK Norfolk Network
(For more information and resources from Linbert Spencer please see EMCC UK website Membership Only Resources - Unleashing the Power of Inclusion.)

*The Centre for Inclusive Leadership