Promoting and sharing exceptional research in coaching

Promoting and sharing exceptional research in coaching

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21 July 2023

Tarek Jomaa, EMCC UK Deputy Director of Professional Development, introduces a new initiative in research and knowledge sharing for the coaching profession.

Under the visionary leadership of Hannah Butler, Director for Coaching Practice, EMCC UK is embarking on an exciting journey to revolutionise the coaching profession through enhanced research and knowledge sharing. Our passionate community of volunteers recognises the pivotal role research plays in advancing the coaching industry.

We invite you to participate in the opening phase of our research project by completing the survey below. Your valuable contribution will not only support the development of a comprehensive research catalogue, but also empower the coaching community to share best practices and publish their remarkable work. Take part here:

Centre for Excellence: Research catalogue

Recognising the importance of research

At EMCC UK, we firmly believe that research is the lifeblood of the coaching profession. It provides evidence-based insights, expands our understanding, and fosters innovation. By continuously evolving our knowledge base, we empower coaches to deliver exceptional services and create meaningful transformations for their clients. We are fully aware of the immense value that rigorous research brings to the coaching industry, and we are committed to championing its significance.

Supporting the coaching community

The opening phase of our research project is crucial for supporting the coaching community as a whole. By completing the survey, you play an instrumental role in shaping the foundation of our collective knowledge. Your experiences, perspectives and expertise will contribute to a comprehensive understanding of the coaching landscape, enabling us to identify and address critical gaps and challenges. This collaborative effort will create a supportive ecosystem where coaches can learn from each other, share best practices, and continually enhance their professional skills.

Facilitating knowledge sharing

Coaches possess a wealth of knowledge and insights gained through their experiences in the field. However, without a structured platform for sharing and dissemination, this invaluable expertise remains largely untapped. EMCC UK aims to bridge this gap by providing a dedicated space where coaches can share successful practices and lessons learned. Through our research catalogue, we will showcase the outstanding work of our members, providing recognition and inspiration to the coaching community at large.

Publishing great work

Phase 1 of our research project serves as a pivotal stepping stone towards promoting and sharing exceptional research in coaching. We firmly believe that great work deserves recognition and wider dissemination. As part of our commitment, EMCC UK is dedicated to providing a supportive environment for coaches to connect and collaborate, based on their research interest. By offering these opportunities, we aim to create platforms where our members can showcase their expertise, build their professional reputations, and contribute to the collective advancement of the coaching profession.

Fostering collaboration and growth

Our mission at EMCC UK is not just to accumulate information, but also a call to action for collaboration and growth. By participating in Phase 1, you become an integral part of a vibrant community that values knowledge sharing and professional development. Through this collaborative effort, we can collectively elevate the coaching profession, push boundaries, and address the evolving needs of clients and organisations.

By completing the survey and actively participating in building our catalogue, you become an essential catalyst for change. Your contribution will shape the foundation of our collective knowledge, support the sharing of good practices and the professional development of the coaching community, and enable us to celebrate remarkable work.

Dr Tarek Jomaa (FInstLM, SFHEA, EIA SP Coach, PhD) is the Deputy Director of Professional Development, EMCC UK.

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