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EMCC UK is part of the Europe-wide European Mentoring & Coaching Council, which exists to promote good practice and the expectation of good practice in mentoring and coaching across Europe. EMCC is an independent, impartial and non-profit making organisation.

In the UK we currently have around 1,500 individual and corporate members, including individual coaches and mentors, public and private organisations (some with a varied number of in-house coaches and mentors, others who buy coaching and mentoring services), training companies, academic institutions and research bodies. Organisation members of EMCC UK include the NHS (England).

The story of EMCC

The three founding members of EMCC, from the left Eric Parsloe, David Megginson and David Clutterbuck who were each elected Hon Vice Presidents of EMCC UK in 2008.

Back in 1989, when professional coaching and mentoring in Europe was a new business practice, a group of like-minded practitioners came to the view that there needed to be a common code of practice and shared ethical base for coaches and mentors.

This group included people who are now regarded as the pioneers and original thinkers of the profession, many of whose books have become essential reading. Among them were David Megginson, David Clutterbuck, Eric Parsloe, Sir John Whitmore, Myles Downey and Peter Bluckert.

Their common bond was that not only were they themselves practitioners, they were also involved in training coaches and mentors. They wanted their students to recognise and work to a shared ethical standard not only to guide their practice but to enable people who employed them to be able to rely on this as a mark of quality.They established the EMCC, created our highly regarded Code of Ethics and developed the European Quality Award which is granted to training organisations that meet stringent quality standards.

In the original group there were practitioners and trainers from several countries across Europe. Over the years EMCC has gained members in more than 20 different countries. There are now approximately 5,000 members.

EMCC UK was set up in 2004 and was fortunate to include in its leading members three of the original founders, who in 2008 were each honoured with the title Honorary Vice President (all pictured here).Today in EMCC UK, we continuously develop our thinking around ethics and standards and encourage our members and other practitioners to both test and develop their expertise through the European Individual Accreditation (EIA) for practising coaches and mentors.

To enable our own organisation to develop, in 2009 we created an Executive Board, supported by an Advisory Council.

Members' Stories
Being a member of EMCC ensures I am able to maintain my accreditation and continued learning and to keep my approach in line with modern thinking – a very positive outcome from my membership.
Chris Roberts