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I need a coach or mentor

I want to find an EMCC accredited coach Click on EIA Accredited Coach/Mentors (under EIA) – they are listed in order of Master, Senior Practitioner, Practitioner and Foundation

Training and accreditation

Where can I train as a coach or mentor? EMCC accredited training providers are listed under EQA
Where do I find out about becoming an EMCC accredited coach? Click on Getting Started (under EIA)
Where can I see the EMCC Code of Ethics? Click on Resources & Downloads (bottom left of this page) then on Code of Ethics
Where can I find the Professional Charter? Click on Resources & Downloads (in the left column of this page) then on Professional Charter


Where can I find  a coaching and mentoring events guide On the What’s On page on the website (under News & Events)
How do I book on to an event? Follow the link for the event – available on the What’s On page on website (under News & Events)
Can I pay online for an event? As above
How do I find out about my local coaching and mentoring network? On the website, click on Regional Networks (under News & Events)

Benefits of EMCC membership in the UK

What are the benefits of being an EMCC individual member? To download a full list, click on How to Join (under Membership), then on INDIVIDUAL (below Membership options)
How do I find out about discounted membership? Discounted membership is available to employees (and some associates) of corporate members, and members or associates of partner organisations – these are listed below Membership options on the How to Join page (under Membership)
What are the benefits of corporate membership? To download a full list, click on How to Join (under Membership), then on any of the Academic, EQA Provider or Organisation (below Membership options)
What is different about EMCC versus other coaching bodies? EMCC is open to all, covers both coaching and mentoring and focuses on raising the profile of coaching and mentoring and the quality of its delivery through professional standards. It is an international organisation 24 member countries. It is strongly associated with coaching and mentoring in an organisational setting and has a large number of corporate members, including the NHS and numerous important private and public sector organisations.


How do I join? Complete the membership form on the web site
What type of membership should I have? Most of our members are standard Individual (Individual 1 of the Membership options on the How to Join page, under Membership). Other individual membership types are listed there and refer to employees of corporate members (who are listed on the Corporate Members page under About Us) or partner organisations.

If you are thinking about enrolling your business or organisation as a member, the details of those options are also on the How to Join page. If you are unsure, email or call 0845 123 3720 for further information

Where do I find the membership form? On the website, go to the membership menu and you will find it on the drop down
Can I join as an Affiliate member? Only if you are a currently on a training course at one of our EQA Provider members or a full time student at one of our Academic members (which are all listed on the Corporate Members page under About Us)
How do I pay? You can pay by credit or debit card on line when you have completed the membership form. Or you have an option to notify us of your intention to pay by bank transfer, which you have to do through your bank, of course.
Will I get a receipt? You will be sent a VAT receipt automatically, along with an email detailing your membership and log in details.
When I join EMCC in the UK, am I also a member of EMCC International? Yes. The UK is one of numerous countries which have their own EMCC organisation. We are affiliated to EMCC International who govern our standards and ethics as a movement and work internationally with other coaching organisations to help to achieve our ambitions.
In the UK, we organise ourselves to best fit the needs of the local market and focus on achieving our objectives in the UK. However, we contribute in numerous ways to the international organisation, with representatives on the EMCC Council, which manages EMCC internationally, and having volunteers on various special interest groups.
As a member in the UK, you have access to benefits offered internationally, such as the International Journal.

Logging on

I have lost my password Email and we will email you with your password
I can’t log on Email or call 0845 123 3720 for assistance. We will remind you of the email address and password on system and check that they are working properly and if not, request technical assistance.
What happens when I get an error message? As above
How can I log on to the international website? Email or call 0845 123 3720 for assistance

Renewing my membership

Where do I find my membership number? As above
How do I get a receipt? Receipts are normally emailed when payment is reconciled. If you don’t receive on within a week, email or call 0845 123 3720 for assistance.
Can I pay online for my membership? Log in to, click on Members Area and then My Account, then select ‘Pay’ from the Orders and Payments section
My membership has lapsed – how can I rejoin? Email or call 0845 123 3720 for assistance

Using my member benefits

I want to use the EMCC logo – where can I download it from? Log in to, click on My Account, then Member Benefits, then Use of EMCC Logo on the right hand side menu
Where do I find the coaching agreement? Log in to, click on My Account, then Member Benefits, then Coaching agreement on the right hand side menu
Can I advertise myself as a coach? Log in to and click on Find a Coach. Better still, become accredited through EIA and be listed on the UK web site as an EMCC accredited coach

How can I contribute to my profession?

I would like to actively contribute to the wider coaching and mentoring community, what opportunities are there for me to do this with the EMCC? We are a member organisation run predominantly by volunteers. To find out more about volunteering email Member Services
I’m interested in finding out more about volunteering. What kinds of activities are available? Volunteers work together to deliver the EMCC UK vision of being ‘the choice for professionals’. Opportunities range from being one of our board of directors running the operating company, or a governors overseeing the board, or co-ordinating and supporting our numerous CPD and conference events and our special interest groups and regional networking groups. To find out more contact
Do I have to be a member to support the EMCC? We are inclusive in all that we do, so we welcome support for our goals from any quarter. If you have special skills or an idea to share please contact any current EMCC member or in the first instance our Member Services at

Members' Stories
I value the EMCC's promotion of coaching and mentoring standards and ethics, which aligns well with my business offering, and enjoy the additional benefit of personal connections to like minded practitioners.
Derek Watson