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EMCC UK Governing Body

EMCC UK has created a new Governing Body to ensure effective, transparent governance of our organisation. Over time, this body will be elected by our members, with the exception of the Finance Director. Our Governor Members are:

  • Tom Battye
  • Ian Critchley¬†(Chair of Governing Body)
  • David Megginson
  • Derek Watson
  • Alison Hodge (Non Executive Director)
  • Lis Merrick – President
  • To be appointed – Finance Director

The Governing Body is made up of members of EMCC UK and its role is to hold the Directors to account on behalf of the wider membership. It has the power to appoint and remove Directors. It also has the power to amend the constitution of EMCC UK – in legal terms, the Governor Members are the members of the company (as EMCC UK is a company limited by guarantee).

Governor Members

The Governing Body is made up of eight Governor Members. Six of them will be elected by the wider EMCC UK membership, with two of these Governors being elected every year. In addition the EMCC UK President is also elected by the wider membership to serve a three-year term. The eighth Governor Member is appointed by the seven elected Governors to be the Finance Director.

The President and Finance Director are automatically appointed as Directors on the board. Of the remaining six Governors, a minimum of two and a maximum of four are appointed as non-Executive Directors. Those remaining Governors, who are not also Directors, bring an independent perspective.

Becoming a Governor Member

If you are an individual member of EMCC UK and would be interested in volunteering to become a Governor Member, there is an election process each year. Announcements will be made when the period for nominations is open and an election pack will then be available.

Members' Stories
I value the EMCC's promotion of coaching and mentoring standards and ethics, which aligns well with my business offering, and enjoy the additional benefit of personal connections to like minded practitioners.
Derek Watson