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Public Sector Forum

By Dee Donnelly
Chair, EMCC Public Sector Coaching & Mentoring Forum

The EMCC Public Sector Coaching & Mentoring Forum was launched in July 2010. It is meets three or four times a year and is open to interested coaches in all parts of the public sector. The Forum currently has members from higher education, the police, the BBC, central government, local government, the fire service and the NHS.

The initial impetus was to provide a space for public sector sponsors of coaching to meet, share experiences and information and provide mutual support. This is still the main objective but we tend also to select a topic as a focus for each meeting. Topics covered to date include:

  • ethical dilemmas encountered by internal coaches
  • evaluation in the NHS
  • a BBC case study and team coaching

All meetings include, at the beginning, a tour de table with participants summarising what is happening in their own organisation. Topics are usually led by a member of the Forum.

All are welcome. If you would like to be added to the circulation list of those receiving information about forthcoming meetings, do get in touch with me at

Members' Stories
I value the EMCC's promotion of coaching and mentoring standards and ethics, which aligns well with my business offering, and enjoy the additional benefit of personal connections to like minded practitioners.
Derek Watson