New EMCC UK Research Think Tank: Call for volunteers

New EMCC UK Research Think Tank: Call for volunteers

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This autumn, we are launching a new programme of resources to help EMCC UK members engage more with the world of research. Our aim in turning the spotlight on academic research is to enable practitioners to benefit from exciting new advances in the field.

We want to make research more accessible, better understood, and more relevant to the development of coaches, mentors and supervisors.

Call for volunteers

As part of this initiative, we’re calling for volunteers to join a new EMCC UK Research Think Tank. We’ll be developing this over the summer, and we’d love to hear from members who are doing (or who have done) postgraduate research. We’re excited at the thought of establishing an EMCC UK research community, advocating for greater engagement by members, and supporting future research endeavours.

If you have experience at masters or doctoral level, and you are passionate about foregrounding the value of coaching research, please get in touch, and help us as we debate, shape, and showcase research work.

This is also a call for volunteers from the practitioner community. Because we want to make research relevant to all practitioners, your views are welcome too. So if you are curious about how research can positively impact your practice and your own development, please join us in the Think Tank by responding to the call for volunteers.

How to take part

Please email here and let us know the following:

1. About yourself, your current work and your experience of research
2. The areas of research that especially interest you
3. What you would like to see EMCC UK doing to encourage members to engage with research

Please submit your expressions of interest before 15 August.

Read more about our research plans here

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