EMCC UK membership is for organisations, too

EMCC UK membership is for organisations, too

18 August 2023

Our president, Rachael Hanley-Browne (seen above, leading a panel discussion at the BCA conference in June), talks about why EMCC UK has invested in celebrating and promoting excellence in business culture, and how EMCC membership for organisations is an important part of the picture.

Earlier this year, we were delighted to enter into a strategic partnership with the Business Culture Awards (BCA), as we wholeheartedly share their vision of celebrating work which sets employees up to succeed, and recognising how employee experience is fundamental to business performance. Our aim as a professional membership organisation is to define, create and promote best practice, and partnering with BCA has been a fresh and creative way for us to fulfil our objectives.

In June, we contributed to the BCA Business Culture Connected day conference, where I chaired a panel discussion on developing a coaching culture for high-performing teams and organisations – see the video above for some of the highlights from the session. In November we are at the BCA 8th Annual Awards, where we are sponsoring the award for Best Coaching, Mentoring & Personal Development Initiative for Business Culture.

An essential part of our strategic commitment to excellence in business culture is to offer EMCC UK membership to organisations as well as to individual coaches, mentors and supervisors. When organisations become members of EMCC UK, they gain access to a wide range of webinars, resources and special interest groups, as well as to organisation-only events, discounted CPD events, and our free mentoring programme. In addition, employees can individually become EMCC UK members at a 25% discount. We know that these positive inputs have a deep impact on both individuals and businesses.

We believe organisation membership also has a positive ripple effect on the wider business culture. That’s because membership of EMCC UK gives a clear signal to employees, partners and customers that the organisation is committed to the highest standards of professionalism and ethics. Those business culture qualities are worth communicating and celebrating. They encourage us all to create the conditions where employees and teams thrive in their work, and where businesses and organisations achieve their objectives and enjoy success.

If you would like to explore EMCC UK membership for your organisation, I’d be delighted to discuss it with you. Please email me here:

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Find out more about membership of EMCC UK for organisations here:

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