Alison Whybrow webinar on coaching and climate: Sharing the resources

Alison Whybrow webinar on coaching and climate: Sharing the resources

The fifth webinar in our Coaching and Climate series, with Alison Whybrow, took place on 1 July.

Alison, who is co-founder of the Climate Coaching Alliance, introduced us to regenerative coaching, which seeks to create a coaching and coaching psychology practice with the Earth in mind.

We’re sharing the resources of the webinar here. Please see the video above for part 1 of the full webinar recording, with parts 2 and 3 below, and download the presentation PDF here:

Alison Whybrow webinar presentation

Two new webinars in September and October

The Coaching and Climate series continues into the autumn (2020) with three free webinars. The first, on 29 September, will be a reflective wrap-up session on the whole series, while the second, in October, will be a practical session focusing on tools and techniques for change. We will approach year end with an exciting joint session on coaching and climate with several other other professional bodies. Book your place on the September webinar now:

Reflecting on Coaching and Climate – 29 September

Coaching and Climate series

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Photo by Juanma Clemente-Alloza