Meet the EMCC UK Governors

Meet the EMCC UK Governors

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24 April 2023

The EMCC Governors write to introduce themselves and the work they do for EMCC UK members.

We are very pleased to support EMCC UK through the Governing Board. We’re made up of a group of elected members and work with the President and Executive Board to support the direction of EMCC UK and to make sure that the perspectives, needs and interests of our members are represented at strategic level.

Please find a detailed account of who we are and what we do on the Governing Body page.

The people who make up the Governing Body are listed below. Please feel free to email any of us, as we’re keen to hear from EMCC UK members:

Anna Wesson: [email protected]
Rachael Hanley-Browne: [email protected]
Jafar Akhavan-Moossavi: [email protected]
Lindsey Harding: [email protected]
Penny Aspden: [email protected]
Tim Dench: [email protected]
Wendy Strohm: [email protected]

All the Governors are volunteers, and while there are currently no vacancies in the group, if you would like to be considered at a future date, please contact us.

As Governors we really need to engage with our members and we encourage you to feedback to us. You can email us directly. We want to hear about the things you are talking about, what makes you curious, your views, debates and discussions. Our role is share emerging themes with the Executive Board, so the direction of EMCC UK continues to best serve our members.

To enable this, we have regular meetings as a group, and we work closely with EMCC UK Special Interest Groups, Networks and Forums so that we can understand the issues and challenges that arise for our members, and communicate this to the Board.  We love to hear your ideas for solutions and we spend most of our time talking with and listening to members’ views.

Because we are all volunteers, we can’t get to every meeting. But we have reached out to all groups and would love you to get in touch. If you would like a Governor Member to attend one of your meetings, please let us know.

Image: Sergey Zolkin on Unsplash